Domaine Follin Arbelet

The Arbelet family has long been important vineyard owners in Aloxe-Corton since the 19th century, during which they owned prime sites on the hill of Corton. Franck Follin, currently in charge of the estate, is the first member of the family to be fully involved in complete modus operandi of working with vines to bottling process and has directed the 6-hectare estate since 1993.

The domaine produces wine from an array of 9 appellations (one white and eight red). Highly meticulous, Franck is an absolute purist when it comes to viticulture aspects. He works the vineyards 100% manually and organically, without any use of herbicides or pesticides. A traditionalist, he embraces the notion of terroir and respects nature to best express itself for every harvest.

Frank is a gentle, affable man, whose wines are grounded and restrained. The Aloxes and Pernands showed juicy red fruits, even spiciness, whilst the Grands Crus were beautifully scented despite their muscularity. These are wines that delight with discretion.